40 plus year-old organization, American Rivers has just named the St. Lawrence River as one of North America’s “Most Endangered Rivers”.

The reason: Outdated procedures for operating dams on the Great Lakes/St Lawrence watershed threatens wet lands, wildlife and local communities.

There is no need for this to happen as Canadian and US scientists, environmental and sportsmen organizations and many River-based businesses have agreed on a plan that will resolve the issues and ensure stronger wetlands, return of native species and a level of water suitable for recreational boating. It’s called Plan 2014 and simply requires the signatures of Secretary John Kerry and Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion. 

Our local Save the River organization is championing the call for Mr. Kerry and Mr. Dion to “sign the papers and make Plan 2014 real”. Save the River asked us to create a short awareness video that will be sent directly to the two politicians. Please watch this short (2 min) video and forward this link to anyone who cares about the health of our River. Millions of dollars have been spent to define the solution for the River.

Don’t let that money be wasted, write your politicians!