The same River scene can look extraordinarily different at times. If it wasn’t for that little white marker poking into each view, you might think it’s all easy sailing!

There are approximately 200 white shoal markers on the River from the Bateau Channel to Brockville, on both the US and Canadian sides of the River. Each one marks a hidden shoal, where rocks lurk inches below the surface, ready to inflict severe damage on the unsuspecting boater.

As a community we’ve come to count on them being there to the point many of us assume that some government agency places and looks after them. That is not the case! The Thousand Islands Association (TIA) is a volunteer group that raises funds to purchase, install, remove and maintain them. On the US side, Save The River provides volunteer labour to help.

We need to keep this program alive and our River safe.

It costs significantly more to purchase and look after all the white shoal markers. Due to increasing costs and declining TIA membership revenues, we are in danger of not being able to keep the program going in the near future. We can’t let that happen!

As people who Love This River, we together raised money to ensure White Shoal Markers are always here, to benefit our children and theirs. Coincidentally, we had a lot of fun doing it!


Over the 2013 season, 22 women aged 11 months to 94 years, from the USA and Canada, from all over the River ventured out to slippery shoals, holding the lantern high to raise awareness and funds for the great work Thousand Islands Association and Save The River do in placing and maintaining the White Shoal Markers. We deemed this venture “Shoal Sisters” and donated proceeds raised from the sale of every Shoal Sisters Calendar and Poster.


Help us keep the momentum going! Please donate today and keep our River safe for years to come.

Spot the Shoal: In a few weeks as water levels rise, this shoal will be under water!
Support the White Shoal Markers program to help keep our River safe.

Support White Shoal Markers
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