McLellan Integrated (MI) and Love this River Corp (LTR) are sister companies working arm in arm.

Each supports the other as needed. Caroline Yung is the President of LTR Corp and is highly experienced in production management, budget and digital media. Doug McLellan is a visual thinker and strategist, adept at translating concepts and ideas into stories that people understand and engage with.

Caroline and Doug live in eastern Ontario in a 130 year-old house with their exceptional Chocolate Labrador … Calli. From here they connect with clients and our teams … anywhere and everywhere.

After more than 20 years of requiring daily commutes, our talented team members now live “wherever they want to live”.

We meet face-to-face using cameras and screens. We share and work on projects simultaneously, tossing digital data back and forth anywhere across the country … around the world … in seconds. Every few weeks some of us get together to visit a client or have dinner and tell stories. It’s a great way of life for all of us.

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